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Home of Filathlitikos BC. Zografou. Athens.

Filathlitikos BC is a small basketball club in Athens that in 2013 became worldwide famous for giving sudden birth not only to an NBA player but to a new Greek citizen everyone is very proud of: Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Giannis' success, coming from where he came from, immigration, paperless, poverty, Zografou, Filathlitikos..., is unique and very unlikely to ever happen again. But don't be mistaken, what makes his story special, is his 15th place in the 2013 NBA Draft at the early age of 18, straight from Filathlitikos BC and not having ever played first division. Everything else around it, is not as unique as we would hope it to be. There are many other Antetokoumpos in the streets of Athens.